Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

These four ‘elements’ were thought to permeate all creation, in ancient cultures from Greece and Egypt through to India and Japan. Objects and people behaved in accordance with the ‘elements’ of their nature.
But four were not enough: only a fifth element, Ether or Void, could convey things “beyond our everyday world”.
In Hindu thought, only the sense of hearing could perceive all five elements. Most importantly, matters of the spirit could not be seen, touched, tasted or smelled – they could only be heard, through the fifth elusive element, Ether.

Here is music which highlights and delineates our very elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – and through its ethereal charge amplifies the spirit.

The four elements that compose the material world are also the basis of our body and of our mind. They are responsible for everything that is happening inside of us. The air element, for instance, is the instigator of thoughts. Fire produces action, maturation. The water is the element that perpetuates emotions, perceptions, intuition, while the earth element is responsible for our sense of grounding and stability. When we understand how these elements manifest themselves in the body and we learn how to control them using the power of our mind, we manage to create an inner balanced situation..

The programme shall remind us where we come from, that we all need the four elements earth, wind, fire and water to live and that we must protect them. The fifth element ether building a spiritual bridge to connect us again.


Further informations will follow shortly.