29.July 4pm MEMBERS-MEETING at the Vaults & Garden Café

On 29th July, 4pm OCMF has a special event for all friends of the festival and anybody who wants to join our community of lovely friends and angels!
We will meet for a Summer cream tea at Vaults and Garden, in the heart of Oxford. We chat and get to know each other and discuss the festival programme.

We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

Please rsvp to: friends@ocmf.net

Another little treat: the person who recruits the most new friends, wins a Rover Ticket!



28. July ELEMENTS PICNIC at Oxford Botanic Garden

We’re very excited about this colaboration with the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum!  As a part of our education programme, we will provide the music for their ELEMENTS-themed children picnic on 28th July.
Hannah Dawson (violin) and Graham Topping (actor) will tell the beautiful tale of Ferdinand the bull, set into music by Alain Ridout.