The OCMF team has been optimistically working towards bringing together all necessary elements for our Autumn 2021 concerts. We’re so delighted to share them with you!

Warmest thanks for the dedication of our Artistic Director, the Festival Manager, team and Trustees who have steered the ship through unchartered waters.

As we look forward to Autumn 2021 and a sense of renewal, we can’t wait to come together again to present intimate performances in innovative ways.

As Beethoven himself insists in this letter to a pupil Xaver Schnyder, true and beautiful art is an essential experience for our happiness:

‘Continue to translate yourself to the heaven of art; there is no more undisturbed, unmixed, purer happiness than may thus be attained.’ Beethoven (August 19, 1817)


Welcome to the Oxford Chamber Music Festival and to our website!

Oxford is my home town and I have a deep attachment to the roots and spirit of the festival which I started here in 2000.
It has evolved and grown in to something that our loyal audiences love and cherish and where there is a real sense of musical home coming.  Each festival and celebration of chamber music has its own unique dynamic and  I think Ocmf’s emanates just as much from the musicians as the atmosphere of Oxford’s extraordinary surroundings and rich historic context.  For me it always surprises and sparks a collaborative creative havoc bringing together a beautiful meeting of hearts, minds and souls

Please come and share this incomparable alchemy :
Music + Oxford!
Priya Mitchell