Artistic Director: Priya Mitchell
Composer in Residence: Pēteris Vasks

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Wednesday 27th September 2017

Sheldonian Theatre
2:00pm – 3:00pm

featuring Evelyn Glennie, Percussion

Askall Masson | Prim
Evelyn Glennie

Lydia Kavina | Fata morgana
Lydia Kavina

Improvisation and audience participation
Evelyn Glennie, OModernt & OCMF Artists

With the support of d’Overbroeck’s we are delighted to be able to put on a special concert for local schools, led by Dame Evelyn Glennie. Please note that this event is for school groups only and tickets are not otherwise available.

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Sheldonian Theatre

Evelyn Glennie | Solo piece
Evelyn Glennie

Vasks | World Premiere for 2 Violins
Priya Mitchell, Hugo Ticciati

Vivaldi | Concerto for two violins
Priya Mitchell, Hugo Ticciati, OModernt & OCMF Artists

Vaughan Williams | Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
OModernt & OCMF Artists
Conducted by John Warner

Vasks | Lonely angel
Priya Mitchell, OModernt

Jill Jarman | Mindstream
Evelyn Glennie, Hugo Ticciati, OModernt & OCMF Artists
Conducted by David Lundblad

OCMF 2017 welcomes a true world star of music, Dame Evelyn Glennie, to play an exciting jazz-influenced concerto for violin and percussion. It is complemented by the fireworks of a Vivaldi double concerto, and contrasted with two glowing meditations. One is the glorious, mystic yet passionate Tallis Fantasia. For the other we welcome our remarkable composer-in-residence, Latvian Peteris Vasks, whose intensely beautiful works prove that new music doesn’t have to be difficult and abrasive. His violin concerto imagines a Lonely Angel looking down on Earth, “concerned, yet hopeful”.

STOP PRESS! a world première too! of Vasks’ new violin duet, written specially for Priya Mitchell and Hugo Ticciati.

TICKETS £40/28/18/10

Booking now open.

Thursday 28th September 2017

Holywell Music Room
Lunchtime Concert 1pm

Vasks | White Scenery for solo piano
Natacha Kudritskaya

Glazunov | Oriental Reverie
Christoffer Sundqvist, Hugo Ticciati, Annette Walther, Nathan Braude, Claude Frochaux

Ravel | Piano Trio
Natacha Kudritskaya, Hugo Ticciati, Brian O’Kane

Rosza | Spellbound
Lydia Kavina, Christoffer Sundqvist, OModernt

A phantasmagorical ride through landscapes of the mind – are they real, or beautiful mirages? Vasks’ hypnotic White Scenery is deep, deep snow, where distances dissolve and we lose contact with the Earth. Glazunov dreams of a languorous, mysterious East; Ravel layers slices of Basque dance and Malaysian poetry to concoct something dazzlingly French. Finally we visit the movies, the ultimate mirage, where images collide to convince us of the impossible. As impossible as the incredible sound produced from the theremin by hands waving through thin air – in the soundtrack to Hitchcock’s Spellbound.


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Thursday 28th September

SJE-ARTS St John the Evangelist, Iffley Road

Schubert/Liszt | Doppelgänger
Natacha Kudritskaya

Vasks | Distant Light
Hugo Ticciati, OModernt & OCMF Artists

Golijov | Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind
Christoffer Sundqvist, Hugo Ticciati, Annette Walther, Gareth Lubbe, Brian O’Kane

Ibrahim Impros
Ibrahim Kevo, Abel Selaocoe, Hugo Ticciati, Gareth Lubbe

Two of the great works of the last quarter-century, reaching towards visions of the past and of the future. Composer-in-residence Peteris Vasks’ stunning violin concerto, Distant Light peers through the murky uncertainties of today’s world, and finds fresh hope. Osvaldo Golijov’s extraordinary Dreams and Prayers conjure up the sounds of his Jewish heritage – the powerful prophecies of Abraham, the klezmer bands which entertained generations of exiles, and the sung prayers of the cantor.

It’s all part of a World Music summit meeting, mixing the songs of Bedouin tribes with South African folk and a truly amazing sonic mirage in Gareth Lubbe’s overtone singing. You’ll hear differently after this!


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Friday 29th September

Holywell Music Room

Britten | Lachrymae
Gareth Lubbe, Natacha Kudritskaya

Vasks | Plainscapes
Dirk Mommertz, Priya Mitchell, Claude Frochaux

Elgar | Piano Quintet
Julius Drake, Priya Mitchell, Annette Walther, Nathan Braude, Claude Frochaux

Peteris Vasks’ luminous. soaring Plainscapes is a tribute to the wide horizons of his Latvian homeland, but in its amazing climax it glories in Nature generally. It is sandwiched between two British masterpieces, Britten’s mysterious and moving echo of the Elizabethan John Dowland, and Elgar’s hugely compassionate piano quintet, which may just be his response to the carnage of the Great War.


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Friday 29th September

Merton College Chapel
Rush Hour concert – 5pm

Bach | Mirror Fugue
Priya Mitchell, Hugo Ticciati, Nathan Braude, Claude Frochaux

Vasks | Te Deum
Thomas Fetherstonhaugh

Kavina | Fata Morgana
Lydia Kavina

Messiaen | Apparition de l’eglise eternelle
Thomas Fetherstonhaugh

Our Rush Hour concert this year celebrates the incredible organ recently installed in Merton Chapel with two immense works: Messiaen’s soul-shaking, earth-shattering vision of the Eternal Church, and Vasks’ celebration of the liberation of his homeland, Latvia, from Soviet oppression. Around them, Bach’s impossibly fine tapestry of sound is just as dazzling when the music is turned inside out and upside down; and Lydia Kavina turns the unearthly sounds of the theremin into a vision of the dangerous, seductive Siren, Fata Morgana.


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Friday 29th September

Holywell Music Room

Brahms | Scherzo FAE Sonata
Priya Mitchell, Polina Leschenko

Vasks | String Quartet No 4
Hugo Ticciati, Annette Walther, Gareth Lubbe, Brian O’Kane

Schubert | Death and the Maiden
Priya Mitchell, Hugo Ticciati, Gareth Lubbe, Brian O’Kane

One of the very greatest, most gripping works in the repertoire, Schubert’s Death and the Maiden quartet is a headlong gallop into darkness. Any companion works on a programme need to stand up and be counted, and Vasks’ wonderful Fourth is worthy of the great string quartet tradition. With Brahms’ rousing homage to Beethoven as an opener, this is an evening of high drama.


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Friday 29th September

St Mary’s Church

Kancheli | Night Prayers
Christoffer Sundqvist, OModernt & OCMF Artists

Vasks | Dolcissimo
Abel Selaocoe

Pärt | Tabula Rasa
Priya Mitchell, Hugo Ticciati, Dirk Mommertz, OModernt & OCMF Artists

Join us free for three atmospheric modern masterpieces. Kancheli questions the limits of faith; Arvo Pärt’s justly-famous, scorching-hot-and-chilled-out Tabula Rasa questions the point of music, and Vasks’ surprising miniature might just have an answer for both of them.

FREE ENTRANCE – Donations welcomed

Saturday 30th September

Holywell Music Room
Lunchtime Lecture 

Pēteris Vasks, composer in residence, and composer and BBC presenter Michael Berkeley, speak about the creative process and the composer’s life.

Composer and BBC presenter Michael Berkeley talks to our composer-in-residence Peteris Vasks about the creative process, and a composer’s life. Music by both composers will be played, and their reactions to each other’s work are bound to be fascinating!


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Saturday 30th September

Holywell Music Room

Vasks | Epifania

Arensky | Quartet
Priya Mitchell, OModernt

Brahms | Clarinet Quintet
Christoffer Sundqvist, Priya Mitchell, Hugo Ticciati, Nathan Braude, Brian O’Kane

Tchaikovsky’s protégé Arensky writes a tribute which seems to carry a coded message about his master’s death; Brahms encodes his relationship with Clara Schumann into one of the most searing and soulful of all chamber works. And we round off our portrait of our distinguished composer-in-residence, Peteris Vasks, with a work for string orchestra which encapsulates the sheer beauty of his soundworld, Epifania.


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Sunday 1st October

Wolfson Hall 

Readings from 1001 nights and Scherazade with music from Persia and the orient

Graham Topping, Ibrahim Kevo,  OCMF Artists

A magical concert for children and their adults alike, filled with the mystery and colour and excitement of Persia and the Orient. We re-tell stories first told by Scheherazade in the 1001 Nights, and the fabulously talented musicians of OCMF will improvise a live, dramatic, surprising soundtrack, using Western and Eastern instruments, before your very eyes and ears!

TICKETS £10 (adults)

Children FREE*

Booking now open.

Sunday 1st October

Holywell Music Room
Early Evening Concert 5pm

Khan | Song of Separation & Waiting
Matthew Barley, Sukwinder Singh

The Beatles | Within you without you
Matthew Barley, Hugo Ticciati, OModernt & OCMF Artists

Sollima | Lamentatio
Matthew Barley

Pärt | Spiegel im Spiegel
Priya Mitchell, Natacha Kudritskaya

The Beatles | Across the Universe
OModernt & OCMF Artists

Anon | Raag Bhairavi, into devised piece
OModernt & OCMF Artists

Matthew Barley and friends cross the universe of sound with a ground-breaking, ear-bending mix of Western cello, Indian tabla, and other instruments. Here are modern Western composers inspired by world music; but the current also flows in the opposite direction. We present fascinating world music perspectives on both Arvo Pärt’s mysticism and Bach’s divine clockwork, and new treatments of The Beatles’ great Indian-inspired songs.


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Priya Mitchell, Hugo Ticciati, Annette Walther: Violin
Nathan Braude: Viola
Gareth Lubbe: Viola and Overtone Singer
Matthew Barley, Claude Frochaux, Brian O’Kane: Cello
Natacha Kudritskaya, Dirk Mommertz: Piano
Christoffer Sundqvist: Clarinet
Evelyn Glennie: Percussion
Tom Fetherstonhaugh: Organ
John Warner: Conductor
David Lundblad: Conductor
Sukwinder Singh: Tabla
Lydia Kavina: Theremin
Ibrahim Keivo: Buzug and Oud
O/MODERNT: Ensemble

Note: The information provided in this document is provisional and intended for informational purposes only. Artists and repertoire may be subject to change without notice.