Thursday 2nd October, Holywell Music Room

Evening Concert 7.45pm

Strauss Capriccio: Priya Mitchell (Violin), Hugo Ticciati (Violin), Meghan Cassidy (Viola), Vladimir Mendelssohn (Viola), Jamie Walton (Cello), Julian Arp (Cello)
Rameau Gavotte et 6 doubles: Natacha Kudritskaya (piano)
Brahms Piano Quartett op 60, slow movement: Priya Mitchell (Violin), Vladimir Mendelssohn (Viola), Julian Arp (Cello), Dirk Mommertz (Piano)
Bach Partita III Gavotte en rondeau and modern improvized dialogue with the Partita: Hugo Ticciati (Violin)
Azerbaijani Mugam – improvisation: Hugo Ticciati (Violin), Matthew Barley (Cello), Priya Mitchell (Violin), Meghan Cassidy (Viola), Jamie Walton (Cello)
Beethoven Violin Sonata Nr. 6, slow movement: Vilde Frang (Violin), Natacha Kudritskaya (piano)
Mozart Queen of the Night: Erica Eloff (Soprano), Wolfgang Abendroth (Piano)
Bach Prelude and Fugue in C: Natacha Kudritskaya (piano)
Faure Piano Quartett No 1, Slow movement: Priya Mitchell (Violin), Vladimir Mendelssohn (Viola), Jamie Walton (Cello), Dirk Mommertz (Piano)
Beethoven Cavatina from String quartet op. 130: Hugo Ticciati (Violin), Priya Mitchell (Violin), Vladimir Mendelssohn (Viola), Matthew Barley (Cello)
Crumb Vox Balaenae: Tom Hancox (Flute), Julian Arp (Cello), Dirk Mommertz (Piano)
Strauss Morgen, arrangement for piano qintet: Priya Mitchell (Violin), Hugo Ticciati (Violin), Vladimir Mendelssohn (Viola), Julian Arp (Cello), Dirk Mommertz (Piano)

In between the ‘live’ music we relayed a patchwork quilt of ethnic musics, natural and man-made sounds, and human greetings in many languages, of the kind which can be found on the Voyager Golden Record. 
You can  find extensive material on the NASA websites and archives relating to the mission:
to hear the actual audio tracks on the Golden Record, go to:
while the Wikipedia entry is also worthwhile:

Message from Earth

In 1977 the space probe Voyager 1 left earth for the far reaches of the universe, carrying a ‘message in a bottle’ about Earth and the human race to any life-form that might find it. On board was a gold-plated recording of various human musics, including landmarks of the Western classical tradition. Imagine you’re the finder, out there beyond ‘the final frontier’. Clear your mind and hear these pieces for the first time…

Themenfoto_messageHow would we understand music if we’d never heard any before?