Thursday 28th September | 7:30pm | SJE-Arts


SJE-ARTS St John the Evangelist, Iffley Road

Schubert/Liszt | Doppelgänger
Natacha Kudritskaya

Vasks | Distant Light
Hugo Ticciati, OModernt & OCMF Artists

Golijov | Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind
Christoffer Sundqvist, Hugo Ticciati, Annette Walther, Gareth Lubbe, Brian O’Kane

Ibrahim Impros
Ibrahim Kevo, Abel Selaocoe, Hugo Ticciati, Gareth Lubbe


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Two of the great works of the last quarter-century, reaching towards visions of the past and of the future. Composer-in-residence Peteris Vasks’ stunning violin concerto, Distant Light peers through the murky uncertainties of today’s world, and finds fresh hope. Osvaldo Golijov’s extraordinary Dreams and Prayers conjure up the sounds of his Jewish heritage – the powerful prophecies of Abraham, the klezmer bands which entertained generations of exiles, and the sung prayers of the cantor.

It’s all part of a World Music summit meeting, mixing the songs of Bedouin tribes with South African folk and a truly amazing sonic mirage in Gareth Lubbe’s overtone singing. You’ll hear differently after this!