Thursday, 28th Sept | 1pm | Holywell Music Room


Vasks | White Scenery for solo piano
Natacha Kudritskaya

Glazunov | Oriental Reverie
Christoffer Sundqvist, Hugo Ticciati, Annette Walther, Nathan Braude, Claude Frochaux

Ravel | Piano Trio
Natacha Kudritskaya, Hugo Ticciati, Brian O’Kane

Rosza | Spellbound
Lydia Kavina, Christoffer Sundqvist, OModernt


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A phantasmagorical ride through landscapes of the mind – are they real, or beautiful mirages? Vasks’ hypnotic White Scenery is deep, deep snow, where distances dissolve and we lose contact with the Earth. Glazunov dreams of a languorous, mysterious East; Ravel layers slices of Basque dance and Malaysian poetry to concoct something dazzlingly French. Finally we visit the movies, the ultimate mirage, where images collide to convince us of the impossible. As impossible as the incredible sound produced from the theremin by hands waving through thin air – in the soundtrack to Hitchcock’s Spellbound.