7 | Friday 30th September | 7:30 PM | Holywell Music Room

Intimate Letters

Leoš Janáček String Quartet No. 2, “Intimate Letters“ – with extracts from the extraordinary love letters which inspired the music

César Franck Piano Quintet in F minor

Tickets: £20 Young Persons 8-25 FREE*

*subject to availability, and only if reserved in advance at cavatina@ocmf.net or £5 on the door.

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Janácek’s last quartet was “written in fire… as if carved out of living flesh”. In his 60s, Janácek conceived a mad infatuation with a married woman almost forty years younger, and over the next decade he wrote over 700 letters to ‘his Kamila’. Before our full performance, readings from these ‘Intimate Letters’ reveal how Janacek turned his burning passion, and events from their relationship, directly into music. The concert is completed by Franck’s quintet, once thought to commemorate a very similar love story.