6 | Friday 30th September | 5:30 PM | Merton College Chapel

Seven last words

J. S. Bach The Art of Fugue BWV1080 Contrapunctus XVIII | Joseph Haydn ‘The Seven Last Words of Christ’ for string quartet, with organ improvisations

Tickets: £12 Young Persons 8-25 FREE*

*subject to availability, and only if reserved in advance at cavatina@ocmf.net or £5 on the door.

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Haydn’s extraordinary meditations on the last words of Christ on the cross were written for a Spanish church, to be interspersed with sermons on each of the ‘words’. We take the work to Merton College Chapel, and in place of the sermons, organist Wolfgang Abendroth improvises contrasting, modern-day musical reflections on the ‘words’. To start the concert, Bach’s last work on the mighty Merton organ.