The Oxford Chamber Music Festival was founded in 2000 by the Oxford born violinist Priya Mitchell and has gained the reputation of being one of the most exciting music festivals in the world.

Oxford Chamber Music Festival 2014:


1-4 October 2014

‘…a world-class gathering by any standards; firmly and gently invented and managed by Priya Mitchell, whose personal touch and talent reinforces chamber music’s status as the most sociable musical form there is.’
Time Out

Priya Mitchell

Priya Mitchell, Artistic Director


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Concerts 2014

Wednesday 1st October, 7.45pm

Thursday 2nd October, 1pm

Thursday 2nd October, 7.45pm

Friday 3rd October, 1pm

Friday 3rd October, 7.45pm

Friday 3rd October, 10pm

Saturday 4th October, 1pm

Saturday 4th October, 7.45pm

Artists 2014

Priya Mitchell, Violin

Vilde Frang, Violin

Vladimir Mendelssohn, Viola

Lars Anders Tomter, Viola

Julian Arp, Violoncello

Matthew Barley, Violoncello

Julius Drake, Piano

Marianna Shirinyan, Piano

Daniel Pailthorpe, Flute